Overview of the Collection

As of Spring 2020, the Library’s collection includes approximately 1.2 million print monographs, 1.5 million e-books, and over 200,000 e-journals in a wide range of subjects and disciplines. In addition, the Library has substantial collections of government documents and other resources, maps, data, rare books and other special research collections, printed journals, archives, theses, multimedia resources (audio, DVD, streaming video), musical scores, as well as licensed access to over 300 full-text and indexing databases in a broad range of subjects.

During the 2020-2021 academic year, the Library’s spending for collection in all areas was about $9.2 million. 86% of the entire collections budget is spent on electronic resources (databases, journals, e-book packages, and indexes). About $5.1 million was spent on general electronic resources which benefit all subject areas.

Results from user surveys show that the Library performs well in providing off-campus access to resources and services, and that these resources help people to be successful at university.

The Library is dedicated to regular assessment of its resources and services. Staff use an assortment of qualitative and quantitative techniques to evaluate collections and services in order to make sound decisions within budget parameters.

Collection Highlights- May 2020-April 2021

  • HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service- Total Items checked out: 19,616
  • # items checked out through curbside: 3358
  • # items checked out through mail- 379
  • # scan on demand- Fall 2020 onward– 220
  • E-journal downloads (major publishers) (2020): 2,419,141
  • E-book total item requests (major publishers) (2020): 828,852
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