The Library performs review and assessment activities to ensure that that physical materials are discoverable and in good condition. These actions support the Library’s Collection Development policies and practices

Repair & Replacement

  • Damaged materials may be replaced, repaired, or sent to a bindery for binding. The Library reviews damaged items and materials in poor condition to determine if replacement or repair is warranted. Materials are assessed based on guidelines including usage statistics, fragility, and preservation requirements. Fragile items that are beyond repair and cannot be mended or sent to bindery are reviewed to determine if it can be replaced based on price and the condition of available copies.


  • The Storage Facility houses materials where the frequency of use is not great enough to require that they be on the shelves in the main building
  • The Library monitors usage and ensures that materials are stored at the appropriate location


  • Deselection is an essential component of Carleton University Library's collection development and management activity, helping to ensure that the overall collection is relevant and useful to users. Retention and deselection criteria will vary from discipline to discipline and is rooted in the practices and needs of diverse groups of researchers and students. Please visit our Deselection & Relocation Policy for more information.
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