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New Titles

Take a look at what new titles have been added to Carleton Library's collection in the past month! Questions or comments? Please contact

Ottawa Resource Collection

The Ottawa Resource Collection showcases information about specific neighbourhoods in Ottawa, as well as maps, statistics and other topical information about our city.

Indigenous Peoples and Communities

This is a sample collection of academic books, children's literature, memoirs, and more from Indigenous voices, researchers, and story-tellers. This collection will be updated quarterly.

Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are a medium to convey a variety of genres and topics- fiction and non fiction. "Using sequential art as a story telling device, graphic novels provide highly accessible glimpses into the world of their creators, but in unpredictable ways" (Kristof Avramsson, Library Graphic Novels Display, 2016).

Edward Said (2007) described the power of comics to "say what couldn’t otherwise be said, perhaps what wasn’t permitted to be said or imagined, defying the ordinary processes of thought, which are policed, shaped and re-shaped by all sorts of pedagogical as well as ideological pressures" (introduction to Joe Sacco's Palestine, 2001).

Beat Poetry (Archives & Special Collections)

The Beats were a group of writers and poets from the 1950s America, commonly referred to as “Beatniks”. The core figures of the Beat movement were: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and William Burroughs. They were a literary movement that expressed their contempt for post-war America norms through drug experimentation and sex, presaging the hippies and gay liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s, which would be more mass movements.

Rare Marginalia (Archives & Special Collections)

Marginalia are notes written in the margins, or near the text of a book, by a previous owner or reader. Marginalia can provide interesting insights into the various, often unidentified, people who have come in contact with a particular book. This collection provides a sample of books within Archives and Special Collections with marginalia.

Faculty Publications

From the Carleton Collection, these are recent books authored or edited by Carleton faculty- updated quarterly.

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