Suggesting a Resource for the Library’s collection

Collection development at Carleton Library follows a set of Guiding Principles and Collection Parameters. We welcome your suggestions for books and other library resources that support teaching or research at Carleton. Please fill out our Purchase Suggestion Form.

Books and other items that the library pays for in one fiscal year and maintains access to for an indefinite period of time are considered one-time purchases.

Journals, databases, streaming videos, and other subscription resources are considered continuing cost purchases. These costs reoccur every fiscal year and require long-term planning.

If you are a faculty member or instructor requesting course reading materials for your students, please contact Reserves.

Books and Other One-time Purchases

Please note that as an institutional purchaser, the library usually pays significantly more than the retail price for ebooks and other electronic resources. If the library determines your requested resource has a fixed cost of under $1000 for institutional purchasers (and money is available in the budget), the Head of Collections and Assessment can approve the purchase if it meets the University’s teaching and research needs and the library’s technical requirements.

One-time purchases of $1000 or more require additional consideration in order to stay within our budget. The Library has a working group that meets regularly to determine the potential of acquiring items based on a number of factors. If a resource costs more than of $1000 and meets the necessary criteria for inclusion in our collection, it may be necessary to delay purchasing until the end of the fiscal year (March-April) depending on available funds.

Databases, Journals, and Other Continuing Cost Purchases (subscriptions)

Please note that subscription costs for libraries and other institutions are often much higher than costs for personal subscriptions. The process for making decisions about subscriptions typically takes longer than it does for a one-time purchase as the library needs to ensure that the cost of a new subscription can be sustained over time.

A working group within the Library meets twice per year to review the availability of continuing funds and will assess new subscriptions based on a number of factors.

The Library works within a fixed budget, so subscribing to new resources is not something that can be done quickly or in isolation.

If you have any questions about collections at Carleton’s Library, please contact

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