We wish to ensure that the library provides services and a working space that benefit the academic pursuits of our clients. Cell phones are part of everyday life and are used for many purposes. However, their use can impinge on the activities of others. Consequently, we have a policy of limiting cell phone use as follows:

  • If you bring a cell phone into the library, turn the ringer off.
  • If you must use your cell phone to receive or make calls, please do so only in the stairwells.

When you talk on your cell phone or leave your ringer on in the library you are disturbing others and violating Library Regulations. (Section V):

  • If you are approached by library staff you will be warned and asked for your campus card.
  • If you are approached again you may have your borrowing privileges suspended, with a reinstatement fee of $50.00. (Section VI)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.