Purpose of Collection:

The Architecture & Urbanism collection at MacOdrum Library supports the research activities of faculty, students and staff and the instructional requirements of undergraduate and graduate programs. Architecture & Urbanism is an interdisciplinary area of studies within the Faculty of Engineering and Design. As such, the collection also provides support for, and draws from teaching and research in a wide variety of related fields such as Industrial Design, History, Geography, Urban Studies, and Engineering.

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Academic Departments & Programs Supported:

Themes/Subject Coverage

Select academic, scholarly, or professional resources, with an emphasis on 20th century and contemporary Canadian materials including:

  • Conservation & sustainability
  • Theory, philosophy,and criticism of architecture and urbanism
  • History of architecture and urbanism (including reprints of all periods)
  • Interdisciplinary discourses on contemporary issues related to architecture
  • Design methods:
    • human factors
    • computer-aided design
    • design modeling
  • Studies of the profession
  • Architecture and technology
    • building construction and conservation, including environmentally sustainable construction, environmental impact, and accessibility issues
    • specific types of buildings or structures including offices, hospitals, hotels, airports, shopping centres and homesobuilding materials including wood, concrete, steel, glass, plastic, and masonry
    • environmental engineering of buildings with emphasis on heating, lighting, acoustics, air conditioning, and energy (water, wind, geothermal, solar power, tidal, and emerging energy sources)
  • Architectural drawing and photography
  • Urban studies including city planning, urban design, urban development, and urban renewal
  • Landscape architecture (history, theory, and design)
  • Biographies of architects, architectural firms, planners, and planning firms

Selection Guidelines


Primarily current material with earlier material acquired to fill in a series gap, replace an important work that is missing or damaged, or in response to faculty and student recommendations.


  • Global coverage with emphasis on Canada


  • emphasis on English and French
  • other languages acceptable when text is complemented by images

Material Types

  • Books, journals, reprints, translations, dissertations/theses, professional publications, GIS, maps and government documents. In some cases, print may be preferred over eBook formats.


  • popular do-it-yourself (DIY) manuals

Additional Collection Information

Related collections and collaborations

Our Archives & Special Collections (ARC) includes important holdings related to architecture and urbanism. In collaboration with ScholarsPortal, we also support dataset collections (e.g. see the Carleton Immersive Media Studio's CIMS Dataverse)

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