Purpose of Collection:

The Computer Science collection at MacOdrum Library supports the research activities of faculty, students and staff and the instructional requirements of undergraduate and graduate programs. Computer Science is an interdisciplinary area of studies within the Faculty of Science. As such, the collection also provides support for, and draws from teaching and research in a wide variety of related fields such as Mathematics & Statistics, Computer Systems Engineering, Human Computer Interactions, and Physics.

For concrete examples of our collections in action, please visit our Computer Science or Computer Systems Engineering subject guides.

Academic Departments & Programs Supported:

Themes/Subject Coverage

Select material of an acceptable academic/scholarly or professional standard in the following subject fields:

  • Algorithmics, Distributed and Computational Biology, Distributed and Mobile Agent Computing,
  • Algorithms
  • Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Data Structures,
  • Algorithms, Computational Geometry, Data Structures, GIS, and Medical Computing
  • Algorithms, Data Structures, Computational Geometry, Graph Theory
  • Algorithms, Geometry, Graphs
  • Animation Systems, Interactive 3D Games, Object-Oriented Systems, Parsers, and Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Swarm Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Neural Networks, Recommender Systems, Search Engines
  • Artificial intelligence; cognitive modeling; imagination; creativity; aesthetics; mental imagery; brain modeling
  • Automated Reasoning, Formal Methods in Software Engineering, Programming Languages, and Software Engineering
  • Computer Applications to Music., Object-Oriented Programming, Software Engineering
  • Computer Graphics, Computer Games
  • Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Computer Games
  • Computer Science education, cryptology, security and in a previous life wood.
  • Computer Security, Authentication
  • Computer Security, Operating Systems, Intrusion Detection, Complex Adaptive Systems, Artificial Life
  • Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Robotics and Machine Vision, and Robotics
  • Cryptographic and Network Security
  • Data Management, Data Science, Data Management for Business Intelligence, Knowledge Representation in AI, Computational Logic, Machine Learning, Intelligent Information Systems
  • Data Science, high performance computing, computational biochemistry, online analytical processing
  • Database Systems, Intelligent Information Systems, Web Technologies
  • Design, Analysis and Implementation of Algorithms for Problems arising in Computational Geometry, Graph Theory, Discrete Mathematics, and Data Science.
  • Distributed Computing, GIS, Geographic Information Systems, Medical Computing, Parallel
  • Genetic Programming, Artificial Life), Object-Oriented Systems, Software Patterns, Object-Oriented
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Human Computer Interaction, Computer Security, Computer Games, Agile Software Development
  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Bioinformatics, Data Analysis
  • Mobile Computing, Peer-to-Peer Computing, Evolutionary Computation (Genetic Algorithms)
  • Networks (Ad Hoc, Communication, Sensor, Social, Wireless).
  • Programming Languages and Open Source Software.
  • Robotics, Artificial Life, Computational Geometry
  • Software Quality Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Contextualized Natural Language Understanding
  • Stochastic Learning, Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
  • Usable Security, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Security
  • Wireless Communications and Networking

Selection Guidelines


Preference to newly published works.




English is the primary language of the collection. Works published in other languages are purchased very selectively at the specific request of faculty.

Types of material

Collected (primarily online) monographs, journals, government documents, conference proceedings. Collected selectively dissertations, textbooks and translations, audiovisual material, games, immersive media.


Not Collected biographies, popular press items, working papers, pamphlets.

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