Purpose of Collection: The Journalism collection at Carleton Library supports the research activities of faculty, students and staff and the instructional requirements of undergraduate and graduate programs. Journalism is an interdisciplinary area of studies within the Faculty of Public Affairs. As such, the collection also provides support for, and draws from teaching and research in a wide variety of related fields and disciplines.

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Academic Departments & Programs Supported:

Themes/Subject Coverage

  • Theories and Study of Journalism: future of media and journalism, state of journalism around the world, practice of journalism, ethics, media law, media criticism, media literacy, aternative media
  • History of, and Developments in Journalism: reporting, multimedia, new media, social media, digital journalism, data journalism, data visualization, media production, media design, major news outlets around the world, publishing houses, broadcast companies, biographies of Canadian and (notable) international journalists, editors, and publishers, select anthologies of reporters or columnists
  • Journalism and Society: freedom of expression, access to information, privacy, advertising, propaganda, specialized reporting, including: investigative, science and health, science and the environment, political, justice, Supreme Court of Canada, international, business, social issues, indigenous issues, arts and culture, documentary, community news, sports
  • Journalism, Race and Diversity
  • Communication Technologies: techniques of broadcasting, interactive technology, satellite communication
  • Select Newspapers, including: national, international, representative historical papers of record

Selection Guidelines


Material is collected from all time periods, with an emphasis on the late 20th and 21st century.


All countries and all regions will be included, with a particular emphasis on Canada, the United States, and Europe.


English language works will be the primary focus of the collection. Works in other languages may be acquired through faculty and student requests.

Types of Material

Books, journals, newspapers, dissertations / theses, textbooks, data, government documents, maps.


Pamphlets, working papers, popular material.

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