Purpose of Collection:

The Women's and Gender Studies collection at Carleton Library supports the research activities of faculty, students and staff and the instructional requirements of undergraduate and graduate programs. Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary area of studies within the faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. As such, the collection also provides support for teaching and research in a wide variety of related fields African Studies, Latin and Caribbean Studies, English Literature, Music, Art History, and more.

For concrete examples of our collections in action, please visit our Women's and Gender Studies Subject Guide.

Academic Departments & Programs Supported:

  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Graduate Programs
  • Interdisciplinary/Collaborative/Specialized Programs:
    • M.A. Women's and Gender Studies with Specialization in African Studies
    • M.A. Women's and Gender Studies with Specialization in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Themes/Subject Coverage

Colonialism and imperialism, History of women’s work, History of family and marriage (cross-cultural), Women and liberation struggles, Women and slavery, Women and wars, Women from 17th century to the present, Women in antiquity, Women in the Middle Ages

Theory and Method
Contemporary and historical feminist theory and epistemology, Feminist action and activism, Feminist research methods, Gender-based analysis, History of the women’s movement, Transnational feminism

Feminist literary criticism, Gender and cinema, Gender and dance, Gender and music, Gender and popular culture, Gender and theatre, Gender and the media, Cultural production and diaspora, Gender and pornography, Visual Arts

Disability studies, Aging, LGBTQ health, Transgender health, Reproductive technology

Human Rights
Criminal Justice, Legal processes, Violence/Sexual abuse, Transgender Human Rights

International Politics
Gender and globalization, Gender and politics, Immigrant women, Women and development

Sex and gender roles, Sexuality and sexual practices, Women and mental health, Women and psychotherapy, Women and madness, Women, feminism and psychoanalysis

Ancient Goddesses, Christian feminism, The female body and the sacred, Fundamentalism, Islamic feminism, Theology of sexuality, Women and Abrahamic religions, Women and Candomblé, Women and Hinduism, Women and spirituality, Women in Native American Religions

Anthropology of women, Care work, Cross-cultural studies of women, Disability studies, Family studies, Gender and diversity, Gender and identity, Girls and girlhood, Intersectionality, Masculinity, Violent femininities, Race and ethnicity, Social movements, Sports

Ecofeminism: ecological theory and movements, Feminist geography, Gender and resource governance, Community and regional development, Housing and transportation, Agriculture and rural environments

Women and Work
Gender wage gap, Gendered labour, Sex work, Women in management, Women and labour (particularly migrant labour)

Selection Guidelines


Primarily current material is collected with earlier material acquired to fill in a series gap, replace an important work that is missing or damaged, or in response to faculty and student recommendations.


Worldwide coverage with particular interest in Canada, the United States, South and Central America, Africa and Asia.


English-language works will be the primary focus of the collection. Other languages collected upon faculty request.


Books, journals, reprints, dissertations/theses, maps, and government documents, in print, online, digital, and visual formats.


Pamphlets, working papers

Additional Collection Information

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