Data files housed with Data Services are subject to licencing agreements.

Most agreements stipulate that the data may be used by students, faculty and staff of Carleton University for academic and personal research only. Any use of these data for commercial applications or contract purposes will violate our licences. Use by members of the community outside of Carleton University could also violate our licences.

To verify whether you are authorized to access the data held with Data Services, or if you are a member of the community outside of Carleton University and are interested in obtaining access to our holdings, please contact Data Services.

Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) Data Use Licence

The Government of Canada is the owner, or the licensee, of the intellectual property rights (including copyright) in the data products offered under the Data Liberation Initiative, and this licence is only a licence to use these data products. No title or other rights are conveyed by this licence.

These data products are provided "as is", and the owner makes no representations or warranties, either expressed or implied, as to the appropriateness and fit for a particular purpose.

The data products are to be used only by educators, students, and other staff members of Carleton University (referred to herein as "authorized users") and only while they have such status with this educational institution.

These data products are provided for the exclusive purposes of teaching, academic research and publishing, and/or planning of educational services within this educational institution, and may not be used for any other purposes without explicit written approval, in advance, of Statistics Canada.

Authorized users are prohibited from using these data products in the pursuit of any commercial or income-generating venture either privately, or under the auspices of the educational institution.

Authorized users shall not attempt to re-identify the records on the micro data files so as to relate the particulars to any individual person, business or organization.

Copies of the data products can be retained by authorized users for the period necessary to conduct the research or teaching, including their use as evidence of research methodologies and results, and subsequent research and analysis.

The distribution of any data obtained under this agreement outside this educational institution through sale, donation, transfer or exchange of any portion of these data in any way is strictly prohibited, with the exception of distribution to bona fide participants in the Data Liberation Initiative. The DLI contact must agree to such distribution.

The publishing of data and analysis resulting from research using any of these data products is permitted in research communications such as scholarly papers, journals, and the like. The authors of these communications are required to cite Statistics Canada as the source of the data, and to indicate that the results or views expressed are those of the author/authorized user.