Filming in the Library requires prior permission either from the University Secretariat or the Office of the University Librarian depending on the project

Filming in the Library is subject to the On-Campus Filming Policy as mandated by the University Secretariat. Please review the policy before submitting your request.

The library is a place for research and as such, consideration for patrons is a must and disruption kept to a minimum.

Filming of students is not permitted. Filming of staff is allowed only with prior consent. Filming is not allowed on silent floors 3 and 5. Filming is not permitted where traffic flow or emergency exits will be blocked.

In your request to the Office of the University Librarian, please include:

  • Name of Department, Group or Organization
  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Date and duration of filming
  • Contact email and phone number
  • Subject Line: Filming Permission