Restrictions on Materials borrowed from other libraries

Any restrictions imposed by the lending library must be honoured; for example, a shorter loan period or “for library use only”. These are always indicated on the book band.
Items obtained from other libraries may not be placed on reserve, (with the exception of material borrowed from the Center for Research Libraries).

Charges for overdues, non-pick-ups, damage or loss

Material must be returned in the same condition as when received. We are obligated to pay the lending library any damage or replacement charges. You are responsible for items lost or damaged while in your possession and you will be charged accordingly. The loss of interlibrary loan material should be reported promptly to Interlibrary Loan staff.
Failure to return material on time may result in suspension of interlibrary loan services, borrowing privileges, or both, and a $50 re-instatement charge.
Books received but not picked up by the due date will be subject to a $5.00 charge per request. The charge will be added to your Library account.

Costs of loans or copies

Please note: if you are requesting material for personal and not research purposes you must be willing to pay all associated costs.


Loans from Canadian Libraries: Most Canadian libraries do not charge a loan fee. Loan fees and any other associated charges, such as shipping, are fully subsidized by the Library for all loans within Canada. These charges can range from $5.00 to $20.00.

Loans from outside Canada: We always try to find a library without loan fees whenever possible but we must pay all associated costs for shipping (normally around $6.00 per book). If the only location we can find charges a loan fee, the cost is passed on to the patron (costs range from $10.00 to $45.00). Interlibrary Loan staff will contact you to confirm that you are willing to pay any loan fees before the item is requested.

Please note: there may be additional costs for rush requests.


Most Canadian libraries charge $5.00 per article. Some Canadian libraries and most American or international libraries charge more than $5.00 per copy. Carleton Library subsidizes all copies up to $25.00. The Interlibrary loan staff will contact you to confirm that you are willing to pay any costs over $25.00.

Types of material normally not supplied:

  • Material listed in Carleton’s catalogue, available as an electronic resource, or free on the Web; this includes material checked out and on course reserve. Material identified as available in the Library but not on the shelf may be requested only when a trace has been placed and staff has acknowledged that the book is “missing” or “lost”.
  • Material available at Ottawa Public Library.
  • The interlibrary loan service supports the academic teaching and research needs of faculty, students, and staff. Material of personal interest, rather than for professional development or research purposes, is not subsidized. This material may be requested at a cost-recovery basis. Charges may include any lending, shipping, or brokerage fees. A typical charge for a book coming from an American library is $10.00.
  • Material requested on behalf of friends or relatives. Material requested must be for the requestor’s own research purposes.

Types of material normally not available through interlibrary loans:

Complete volumes or issues of a journal
Books published within the current year (particularly “best sellers”)
Rare materials, including manuscripts
Books published prior to 1800
Print theses
Audio-visual materials, including DVDs, VHS, and CDs Software
Patents or standards
Harvard Business School cases
Psychological tests

Textbooks are very difficult to obtain through interlibrary loans. Most libraries have a policy not to buy textbooks for their collections. Those libraries that do buy textbooks usually reserve them for campus-only use and do not loan them to other libraries. It could take weeks to locate an available copy and you can normally only borrow it for 3 weeks with no renewals.

If we have material available in digital form we would not borrow a print copy unless you are willing to pay all associated costs.

Reasons for cancellation of a request may include the following:

  • We were unable to identify or locate the item with the information you supplied.
  • The item was not found as cited; the lending libraries have indicated to us that they have not been able to fill our request because of incorrect or incomplete information.
  • We were unable to supply the material by the “need by” date you indicated.
  • No locations could be found or the item was “non-circulating”. Items that are non-circulating include reference books, rare books, recently published books and theses in print form.
  • The item is available for purchase only directly from the supplier and not available for loan.
  • You submitted more than one request for the same item. You will not be notified of the cancellation.

Copyright Information

Copies of articles or documents provided through Interlibrary Loans service are made according to limits and conditions specified by Canadian Copyright legislation. Generally this means that you may request a single copy of an article from one journal issue or more than one article as long as the total number of pages does not exceed 10% of the whole issue. All materials requested are to be used for the purpose of research and private study only. With each request you submit, you will be asked to declare your willingness to abide by the copyright guidelines regarding the photocopying of the item requested.
Interlibrary Loan staff will advise you if your request violates copyright laws and will indicate the various options available to you.