Carleton University students, staff and faculty in good standing may register for the Laptop Loan Program.

  • If you have fines exceeding $10 on your library account, you may not be allowed to check out a laptop.
  • If you have previously violated the laptop loan agreement, you may not be allowed to check out a laptop.

To register for the program all participants must read these policies and sign a “Registration and Liability Form.” The signed form will be filed and will expire on  August 31. This is a legal contract.

Laptops may not be booked or reserved in advance, but are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.

All laptops will be loaned, and must be returned, in a carrying case with a power cord and adapter. It is the borrower’s responsibility to ensure that a power cord and adapter are in the case before leaving the service counter.

Laptops may not be taken out of the Library, except during a fire alarm.  If there is a fire alarm, quickly save your files, put the laptop in its case, and take it out of the building with you.

Do not leave the laptop unattended or loan the laptop to anyone else.

The loan period is 4 hours. Do not rely on laptop clocks as they may not be accurate. You may request a printout of the due time.

Renewals are permitted only if there are other laptops available for loan at the time the renewal is requested.

Failure to return a laptop on time will result in an overdue fine of $10 for each hour, or part thereof, to a maximum of $100 per day.

The last loan period ends one hour before the Library closes, even if this does not allow for a full 4-hour loan period. Fines will be charged starting one hour before Library closing.

Please wait for a staff member to check in your laptop. Do not leave it on the counter unattended.

Damage charges will be the cost of repair plus a $100 processing fee.

Replacement Costs

Power cord and adapter $100.00
Carrying case $50.00
Laptop computer $1500.00


Content last updated: July 4, 2016