Note: We are in the process of updating the content in the Library Regularions section of our web site, so the information presented here may not reflect current practice.

Borrowers are responsible for all Library materials in their care and should make every effort to protect them from damage through careless handling such as spillage, destruction by pets and other accidents.

The following are forbidden:

a) the removal or attempted removal of material from the Library without carrying out proper procedures as prescribed by the Library staff;

b) the mutilation or destruction of Library materials;

c) the willful misplacement of Library materials;

d) the marking or underlining Library materials;

e) the use of post-it notes, adhesive tape, or paper clips on Library materials.

A patron found responsible for the destruction or damage of any Library materials will be fined accordingly. Failure to observe these regulations will be reported and may lead to an official reprimand, suspension of borrowing privileges, suspension of Library privileges, suspension from the University, or all of these.

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