Note: We are in the process of updating the content in the Library Regularions section of our web site, so the information presented here may not reflect current practice.

Please see Library Code of Conduct for regulations governing personal behaviour while in the Library.

a) No area of the Library may be used for display or other purposes by individuals or organizations without the permission of the University Librarian.

b) Books being used in the stack reading areas should not be returned to the shelves by patrons; they will be returned by the Library staff.

c) Private papers and materials should not be left unattended on tables or in carrels and group study rooms.

d) Individuals are responsible for any and all of their personal property brought into or in use on the Library premises, and the University shall not accept any responsibility for loss, damage, or the destruction of personal property on the premises of the Library.

e) Dogs and other pets may not be brought into the Library with the exception of Service Dogs.

f) Canvassing, posting, photographing, filming or video/audio recording are permitted only with the permission of the University Librarian.

g) To ensure the safety of patrons it is Library policy that all patrons must wear footwear.

Failure to observe these regulations will be reported and may lead to an official reprimand, suspension of borrowing privileges, suspension of Library privileges, suspension from the University, or all of these.

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