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  1. Inquiries
    1. If a patron seeks more information regarding material they have checked out or fines they have received, they can fill out a Patron Inquiry Form and submit it to the Library Services Desk. Staff will then investigate the situation and reply to the patron as quickly as possible to update them with the latest information.
  2. Waives
    1. It is recognized that, in rare circumstances, fines may be applied to a patron’s account due to an error on the part of Library staff. Such errors may include, but are not limited to:
      • failing to check in returned material;
      • failing to backdate returned material retrieved from overnight return bins;
      • failing to backdate returned material after a system outage;
      • duplicate charges resulting from fine transfer errors;
    2. In cases where the fines can be clearly and immediately recognized as being beyond the control of the patron, and total less than $100, full-time staff working at the Library Services and/or Reserves Desks are empowered to waive said fines.
      • When fines that would normally fall into this category total more than $100, the matter will be passed to the Department Head of Access Services or designate.
  3. Appeals
    1. Library Services Desk staff make every attempt to be fair. Overdue fines or replacement charges may be appealed, in writing, to progressively higher levels. The following are not acceptable reasons for appealing a fine:
      • lack of knowledge of library regulations and policies;
      • failure to keep track of due dates;
      • failure to renew items on time;
      • failure to receive courtesy reminder notices sent by email;
      • failure to return items due to patron being out-of-town;
      • inability to renew books online.
    2. The stages of an appeal are:

Appeals against decisions of the University Librarian under sections III, IV, and V may be made in writing to the Senate Library Committee. On receipt of such an appeal, the Chair of the Senate Library Committee will establish a subcommittee to consider the appeal, consisting of one student member and one faculty member of the Committee, presided over by the Chair.

The decision of the Committee shall be final.

Updated May 2016

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