In order to be fair to those standing in line at busy times of the year, library computers that have been unattended for a set period of time will be logged out by staff at the IT Help Desk.

This policy applies to all of the public access workstations in the library, including GIS workstations.

Current practice is to allow students to leave the workstation for not more than 5 minutes. If a workstation is left unattended an “Unattended Workstation Form “ will be attached to the workstation with the current time noted on the form.

If after 10 minutes the student has still not returned, and there are students who continue to wait in line, then the procedure is as follows:

  • Check if the absent student is at the printer or close by
  • If not, an IT Help Desk staff member will go to the unattended workstation along with, a full time staff member from the CCS Service Desk (room 509)one of the full time staff from Research Help
  • They will save all work to the network drive ( G or U) using FILE / SAVE AS with filenames Unattended_temp_date
  • They will then log the student off
  • If there are any personal belongings left at the workstation they will be moved over to the Library Services Desk
  • The next student in line will be allowed to use the computer

Any complaints on this policy should be addressed to the IT Help Desk.