Book Arts Lab Imprint Contest

The new Carleton University Book Arts Lab needs an imprint and we are looking to our community to help us come up with one. We also have $1000 to give to the winning designer. From September 6 to October 4 we’ll be opening this contest to anyone who would like to design a visual representation of what The Book Arts Lab imprint could be.

For each submission we are looking for a name and a draft of a logo (does not need to be print quality) for the Book Arts Lab. Submissions should be emailed to and should include your name and your file submission with your sugegsted name and logo.

Read through contest details here before submitting!

If you have any questions, please email them to

What is an imprint?

The name of a press or a publisher, often accompanied by a logo. The name can reflect the purpose of the press, its character, an individual, a place, etc.


Virago Press - feminist literature (a virago is a woman warrior)

McClelland & Stewart - named after founders

The Kelmscott Press - after William Morris' home

The Oxford University Press - book publisher attached to the university

Golden Cockerel Press - after the animal, they produced fine, well-designed and exquisitely illustrated books through the early-mid 20th century

Union Press - named after the Union Pub, where the three principals failed to agree on any other imprint name