Last updated: September 8 (washroom closure extended); August 29 (stairwell A closure, noise on floor 2, washroom closed); July 13 (music folios); July 12 (disruptions due to lighting)

Mask Policy

Carleton is pausing the COVID-19 Mask Policy starting Saturday, June 25.

    Spaces Unavailable For Use

    • Floor 4: Floor 4 will be closed from June 3 until mid-October. This is due to the construction of the Future Learning Lab.
    • Floor 1: Most of the seating in the back of floor 1 is unavailable until further notice. In addition, the music folios are not accessible. Find out how to access music folios.
    • Various parts of the library may be blocked off on any given day as lighting is replaced throughout the building. Unfortunately, we don't know which spaces will be unavailable at any given time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Renovation Disruptions

    • Renovations on Floor 2 will cause noise and disruption until early September. The elevators and stairwell B remain accessible, though the path to reach them may change.
    • The women's washroom on Floor 3 next to Stairwell B will be closed until September 2 and again from September 6-9. From September 12-26, this washroom will be closed from 8am-3pm each day.
    • Renovations on Floor 4 will cause noise and disruption until mid-October.

    Study Space Changes

    • Study rooms on Floor 4 are not available.
    • Silent study spaces on Floors 3 and 5 may be disrupted due to renovation noise. Floor 5 is likely your best bet for silence.

    Service Changes

    • The Library Services Desk has been moved closer to the main entrance, due to Floor 2 renovations.
    • ITS Help is available at the Library Services Desk on Floor 2.
    • Research Help is available at the Library Services Desk on Floor 2.
    • Bloomberg machines are available again in the back of Floor 2.

    Services Unavailable in the Building

    • GIS workstations are available remotely, rather than at workstations in the library.

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