Collaborative Futures FAQ

When does the new system go live?

The new system will go live December 10, 2019. This is a fixed date because we are collaborating with 13 other Ontario universities.

Can I still link to materials via Summon and the catalogue in my course syllabi?

You should not link to resources in Summon or the catalogue in course syllabi. In some cases, it may be possible to link to articles in our databases. Links to articles in Carleton’s databases must be accessed from a computer or device connected to the Carleton network, wireless service, or VPN.

When linking to an article in a database, you should use a permalink. Do not use the URL in your web browser’s address bar. Please visit the following page for detailed instructions on how to create a permalink:

If you require further assistance, please contact the library reserves team or your subject liaison. Whenever possible, please include full citations for course materials in your syllabi to ensure students and library staff can locate the content by alternate means if necessary.

Can I still link to material in Ares using cuLearn?

Yes. There will be no change to course reserves and Ares database links.

Will the changes affect course reserves and interlibrary loan services?

Generally, course reserves and interlibrary loan services will not be affected.

Will the catalogue still be available?

Instead of having both Summon and the catalogue, the two tools will be integrated into the single new improved system.

When should I order course materials for the fall term?

We ask that you order books and other materials as early as possible (before November).

Why is the Library switching to this new system?

The current library system is becoming a legacy system and will soon not work well.

This project will allow the Library to:

  1. improve management and preservation of library collection
  2. improve discovery of and access to these collections
  3. increased support for the educational and research needs of students and faculty at Ontario’s university libraries

With this new system in place, Carleton University students and faculty will have a better user experience because:

  1. the new system will improve access to collections and materials in the Carleton library
  2. the common interface will improve the discovery of collections at all participating libraries

Will there be guides or videos to help faculty and students learn the new system?

Yes, there will be instructional guides and videos available on the library website. Keep checking back for those videos.

Does the existing system integrate with citation management tools (e.g., Mendeley, Zotero and EndNote)?

Yes it does.

Does this update have anything to do with the cuLearn update?

No it does not. These are two separate projects.

Who do I contact for further information?

Please contact your librarian or subject specialist. The library website will be updated regularly as the launch date approaches

Content last reviewed: May 24, 2019