Library Services Desk

Have a question about the library? Ask staff at the Library Services Desk! We can help you with:

  • any question (staff will direct you to the right person or place if they can't help you)
  • directions to anywhere in the library
  • checking out library materials
  • picking up storage retrievals, booked videos, holds, and interlibrary loans
  • paying fines and other library charges
  • getting help finding something on the shelves
  • checking the lost & found (see Carleton's Lost and Found Guidelines)
  • reporting noise, theft, spills or other problems in the building
  • requesting first aid
  • using a stapler or hole punch
  • requesting library privileges if you are not a Carleton student, faculty or staff member

Service Hours

Monday to Friday  8:00 am - midnight
Saturday and Sunday  9:00 am to midnight 

Content last reviewed: January 10, 2019