Name Department Email
Carli Agostino Access Services
Martha Attridge Bufton Research Support Services
Kristof Avramsson (on sabbatical until Sept. 1, 2023) Research Support Services
Erika Banski Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Rebecca Bartlett Research Support Services
Lily Benedicto Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Gwenn Berard Beaupre Access Services
Edward Bilodeau Office of the University Librarian
Aleksandra Blake Research Support Services
Kevin Bowrin Library Technology Services
Jennifer Browning Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Tracy Budrow Access Services
Jonah Buist Access Services
Lacey Cain Library Technology Services
Tyler Canning Office of the University Librarian
Valerie Critchley (on sabbatical until Sept. 1, 2023) Library Technology Services
Emma Cross Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Kripa Dongol (on leave) Access Services
Heather Donovan Access Services
George Duimovich Research Support Services
Denine Eby Office of the University Librarian
Samantha Farrell Access Services
Evan Ferguson Office of the University Librarian
Monica Ferguson Archives & Special Collections
Matthew Fisher Access Services
Jane Fry Research Support Services
Mulugeta Gebru Access Services
Matthew Gertler Research Support Services
Sarah Grela Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Shelley Gullikson Library Technology Services
LeslieStone Hamlin Access Services
Colin Harkness Archives & Special Collections
Patti Harper Office of the University Librarian
Kendra Hawley Access Services
Angela Hayward Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Cesar Hernandez Library Technology Services
Katie Hopkins Access Services
David Jackson Research Support Services
Rachel Johnson Access Services
Anne Kang Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Lloyd Keane Archives & Special Collections
Meaghan Kenny Research Support Services
Amber Lannon Office of the University Librarian
Julie Lavigne Research Support Services
Heather Leroux (on leave until May 2024) Archives & Special Collections
Marc Lewis Library Technology Services
Alex Loupova Library Technology Services
Karen Lynch Archives & Special Collections
Al Mac Lennan Archives & Special Collections
Heather MacDonald Research Support Services
John MacGillivray Library Technology Services
Alisdair MacRae Library Technology Services
Courtney Maika Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Neil McFadyen Access Services
Louise McGreal Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Colin McLeod Access Services
Margaret McLeod Research Support Services
Cameron Metcalf Library Technology Services
Sara Miskell Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Audrey Mo Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Gilles Monast Office of the University Librarian
Pat Moore Academic Services
Sabrina Moore Access Services
Hibo Mousa Access Services
Christine Mullin Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Robin Mullins Research Support Services
Laura Newton Miller Collection and Assessment
Pierre Niles Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Alparslan Ozturk Research Support Services
Patricia Paquette Access Services
Julian Pardy Library Technology Services
Kelly Parkinson Access Services
Karen Perras Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Adam Philyaw Access Services
Lynn Pretty Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Manfred Raffelsieper Library Technology Services
Emme Reynolds Office of the University Librarian
Joel Rivard Research Support Services
Joanne Rumig Access Services
Emma Russell Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Kiah Russell Research Support Services
Misthika Sanjeevan Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Sally Sax Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Judy Senecal Research Support Services
Eli Seunarine Access Services
David Sharp Access Services
Sarah Simpkin Office of the University Librarian
Alana Skwarok Collection and Assessment
Robert Smith Research Support Services
Sherri Sunstrum Research Support Services
Clair Switzer Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Shyla Taylor Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Larry Thompson Research Support Services
Heather Thomson Access Services
Chris Trainor Archives & Special Collections
Stephanie Trudel Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Ryan Tucci Research Support Services
Susan Tudin Research Support Services
Scott Turner Research Support Services
Geoffrey Wale Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Didong Wan Access Services
John Warren Cataloguing, Metadata, and Digitization
Linnet Whiston Access Services
Jennifer Whitney Library Technology Services
Pamela Williamson Electronic Resources and Acquisitions
Cindy Wilson Access Services
Frances Woolley
Doug Young Access Services