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Position: Access Services Librarian
Department: Access Services

Carli is responsible for overseeing and supporting many of the library's frontline services including library reserves, library accessibility, and circulation. Carli's research interests include exploring the intersectionality between the physical female body, fatness and professionalism. As well, she is interested in critical disability theory and how it can be applied to enhance library accessibility services.

Recent Publications & Presentations

Cassidy, M., Agostino, C., Versluis, A. (December 2020). “Fat, Fit, and Fem: Exploring Performative Femininity for Fat Female Librarians.” In Douglas, V.A. , Gadsby, J. (Eds.), Deconstructing Service in Libraries: Intersections of Identities and Expectations. Sacramento, CA: Library Juice Press.

Agostino, C., McMeekin, M. (February 2021). From accessibility to inclusion: improving and expanding library accessibility services. Ontario Library Association Superconference, Toronto, ON.