Position: Teaching & Learning Librarian
Department: Research Support Services
Research Specialist
  • Art History
  • Film Studies
  • Music
  • Pedagogy
  • Citation Management

David Jackson is Carleton University’s Teaching and Learning Librarian and a Contract Instructor and Adjunct Professor in Communications in Media Studies.

As Teaching and Learning Librarian, David is focused on promoting collaborative practices for library instruction, helping with online learning initiatives, and advocating for and embedding information literacy into the broader curriculum.

His research is focused on artistic practice as a methodology for understanding the overlapping categories of ecology, sound, and media. His dissertation, Becoming Sonic: Ambient Poetics and the Ecology of Listening in Four Militant Sound Investigations examined politically oriented listening practices influenced by feminist, ecological, and queer perspectives in the development of listening as a vital media process.

Research Interests

Sound and Sonic Studies, Sound Ecology, Urbanism, Environment, Media