Course Readings, images, and Audio-visual materials

Course Readings for a virtual or mixed class can be managed as in a regular classroom by posting them in Ares. The Reserves Service is available for these courses as well (Reserves).

The Fair Dealing exception is also applicable and the same guidelines apply (Fair Dealing).

Show films and documentaries using Carleton's institutional streaming services (Video databases) or put a link to the film on Brightspace.

The Lesson Exception

If licenses, fair dealing and other exceptions don't apply, then the Lesson Exception might help. Note that a major limitation in this exception requires you to destroy any copies made 30 days after final marks are submitted.

Recordings of lectures or presentations that contain copyrighted works may be posted to Brightspace if they follow the guidelines listed in Copyright when teaching in a physical classroom.

If a film, sound recording or other audiovisual work is part of a lecture or presentation, it can also be posted directly to Brightspace. However, the work must not be an infringing copy, and there must be no reasonable grounds to believe that the audiovisual work or sound recording was an infringing copy.


Recordings or reproductions of the lesson must be destroyed within 30 days after the day on which the students enrolled in the course of which the lesson forms part have received their final course evaluation. This would mean that all copies of a presentation stored on Brightspace must be destroyed, and not merely rendered inaccessible to students, within the 30 day period.


This is allowed by the Lesson exception in the Copyright Act (section 30.01). A lesson would include a lecture, or a presentation, such as a PowerPoint presentation, presented in a classroom.

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