September 27, 2021

In normal times, we love seeing people come to the library in groups: studying and learning with your friends, working on group projects (the awesome ones and the... what we can all acknowledge as the less awesome ones). You provide a wonderful energy to our space with your collaboration and connection.

Sadly, as we have all seen, we are still not in normal times. While we are happy to welcome so many more of you into our building than we could last year, we need to make sure you are distanced, in the same way that your classrooms are distanced. Because of that, we need to explicitly say that there is no space for group study in the library building right now.

We know that many of you come in with people who you live with, so it doesn't make sense to you that you can't study at a table in the library the way you study at a table when you're at home. But having many groups sharing the same space is a risk. The library is a common space, and we need to do what we can to keep everyone safe and make sure that we can stay open for you.

Before term began, we looked at our space, at our capacity and we arranged our furniture to allow for this distancing. Most of our study spaces are for one person. There are a few tables and study rooms that are fine for 2 people and we’ve noted these spaces with stickers for you to be able to identify them. But there is no space where 3 or more people can study together. At least for now.

So please do continue to come in and take advantage of our quiet and silent individual study spaces. Really, please, because we love having you here. And then study and socialize with your friends, roommates, and classmates outside of the library (safely, of course). We know it's hard to find space where you can do that. But we have to say that the library is not that space. Not yet. We will become a place for collaboration and connection again, but for now we're an old-timey library of individual study and reflection.

We love that so many of you want to come to the library to work and study together. But distancing requirements mean that we are not able to offer space for groups at this time. We would love to welcome you all with open arms, but sadly, it's still air hugs here in the library. And they only come in singles and pairs.