Some terms you may come across while researching bills and statutes:

A legislative proposal tabled in the federal House of Commons or Senate, or in the provincial legislature. If it passes all stages, the bill will eventually become law.

The printed verbatim record of the proceedings of a legislative body (for example, the Debates of the House of Commons. Sometimes referred to as "Hansard".

Rules made under the authority of a statute.

Revised Statutes of Canada (RSC)
Latest revised and consolidated statutes of the federal government. The last revision of the RSC was done in 1985.

Revised Statutes of Ontario (RSO)
Latest revised and consolidated statutes of the government of Ontario. The last revision of the RSO was done in 1990.

Also referred to as a law or act.

Statute Citator
A statute citator is used to check legislative changes made to a statute since the last revision. Useful if you are trying to track specific changes made to a law over time. Also sometimes called a "Table of Public Statutes".

Content last updated: December 1, 2017