Book reviews published in scholarly journals can be found in discipline-specific journal article databases. These databases can be found in the subject guide for any discipline, or in the list of databases by subject. Also consult multidisciplinary databases.

Search Omni, then refine your results using the Reviews Resource Type:

Most databases define book review as a document type or content type. Look for these words on the search screen when you enter a database.

Note that you may not see these additional search parameters unless you are using the advanced search screen.

Canadian Studies



Science and Technology

  • see the multidisciplinary section below for instructions on using Web of Science

Social Sciences


  • Academic OneFile -- scroll down the page to find the drop-down list for the document type

  • JSTOR -- select the advanced search page, scroll down, and select "reviews" under the Narrow By column.

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  • Web of Science Core Collection
    1. Select either Arts and Humanities Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, or Science Citation Index as appropriate.
    2. In the Basic Search tab, click on the drop-down list beside Topic.

    1. Choose Document Type from the list.

    1. Click the x to the left of All Document Types to delete this entry.

    1. Choose Book Review from the drop-down list that is displayed.

    1. Click +Add Row to add a row where you can enter your search criteria.

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