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Book Review Index (1965-2016); Online at HathiTrust
Brief citations from approximately 400 periodicals in a variety of fields. Arranged alphabetically by author with a title index at the back. Journal titles are abbreviated; full titles are listed at the front and back of each volume. Note that this subscription was canceled in 2017.

Combined retrospective index to book reviews in scholarly journals, 1886-1974
Online at HathiTrust [15v.]
Provides access to book reviews from 459 scholarly journals in the disciplines of history, political science, and sociology. Author volumes, 1–12, give complete citations. Title volumes, 13–15, refer to appropriate entry point in author volumes.

New York review of books
(Online at HathiTrust) ; (Online)

Nineteenth century readers' guide to periodical literature, 1890-1899, with supplementary indexing 1900-1922
Online at HathiTrust
Reviews are listed under the author’s name, then by title of book. Look for the notation “Review”.

Canadian Indexes

Canadian Index
Reviews (in 7 English-Canadian newspapers) are arranged alphabetically by author under the subject heading “Book Reviews”. You may prefer to consult Canadian Business and Current Affairs Database.

Repère (1994-2004)
Online at HathiTrust
Reviews are listed at the end of each issue under the heading “Comptes Rendus de Livres”, cross-listed by author and title. Reviews of less than half a page are excluded. This is a continuation, in part, of Point de repère, Périodex : index analytique de périodiques de langue française, and Radar. You may prefer to consult Repère Online.


Comprehensive index to English-language little magazines, 1890–1970
Online at HathiTrust
A guide to 100 literary “little” magazines which published material not suitable for commercial periodicals because of the specialization of issues and/or iconoclastic style of writing. The code “Review” before the journal citation indicates this form of article.

Science and Technology

Applied Mechanics Reviews
Online at HathiTrust
A monthly journal of reviews of books and journal articles in the engineering sciences. Entries are listed under subject categories (see back cover of monthly issues for details), with an author index at the end of each issue. The annual index includes author, subject and reviewer indexes as well as a detailed subject classification scheme and subject cross references. Also available online via Omni.

Computing Reviews
Online at HathiTrust

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