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Subject Headings

Try looking for sources using subject headings in Omni.

  • Books – Reviews
  • Books – Reviews – Indexes

To find journals containing book reviews, try:

  • Books – Reviews – Periodicals

Book reviews can be subdivided by geographic location as well as other components:

– [region] – Reviews

For instance:

  • Books – Canada – Reviews

To find related subject headings, you can add the assigned word used in the subject field. Try this Subject search:

  • Subject: books AND Subject: :reviews

The phrase "book reviews" can occur in a subject heading after a given topic:

[topic] – Book reviews

To find these headings, try a key phrase Subject search "book reviews" in Omni. For instance,

  • Subject: :"book reviews" AND social*

which looks for the phrase "book reviews" in the subject headings and words beginning with "social" anywhere else in the record.

See Omni Search Tips for more information.

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