To find books on a topic

You can use Omni from the search box on the library home page or from the Omni home page.

  1. Enter one or more keywords or phrases that describe what you are looking for, and click Search or .
  2. On the left, under Resource Type, choose Books

You can then use the filters on the left to further narrow the kinds of books you are interested in:

  • Availability (online, print, open access, peer-reviewed)
  • Publication Date
  • Subject (or topic)
  • Author/Creator
  • Language
  • Location (in the MacOdrum Library; only applies to print items)

For example, you can use filters to search for all the books on the history of higher education in Canada that the Library has in print format.

    To find a specific book

    If you are looking for a specific book, try searching for it by title.

    The initial results may include book reviews and other articles about the book. Choose Resource Type > Books to filter these out of your results.

    To search by author

    To find books published by a specific author, search for the author by name in the main Omni search box, then choose Resource Type > Books

    In the case where the author has a common name, you may want to browse a list of authors to choose the one you are interested in.

    To do this, at the top of the Omni page click on Browse. Browse by Name should be the default.

    Type in the author's last name, a comma, then some or all of their first name. Omni will display a list of matching authors.

    Choose the author you are interested in to see a list of all their works in the Library's collection.

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