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Borealis: A New Name for Scholars Portal Dataverse

Borealis Logo

Scholars Portal Dataverse has changed its name to Borealis, the Canadian Dataverse Repository / le dépôt Dataverse canadien. The name and appearance of the repository have changed, but the core service, infrastructure, and support team remain the same.

The Carleton University Dataverse Collection is part of Borealis and is our recommended, multi-disciplinary, secure, research data repository. It provides a platform for:

To learn more about the Carleton University Dataverse Collection, please visit this page

Sage Research Methods webinars: Research Methods for All

These free, one-hour sessions will provide an in-depth look at guiding researchers through the research process. To learn more, visit this page.

Data Services

Data Services provides quantitative research data from various disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, and life sciences. Use this site to access a wide range of surveys conducted by Statistics Canada and other organizations, including some international. For help about Data Services, different datasets and statistical programs, please see our Online Help.

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