The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) was created by an act of Parliament in 1998 to provide awards to students for post-secondary education annually for ten years. When its mandate was completed in January 2010, the Foundation had distributed $325 million in the form of bursaries and scholarships each year throughout Canada in support of post-secondary education.

In addition, the Foundation conducted research into post-secondary access, via the Millennium Research Program. Carleton has been fortunate to be able to harvest the research data and publications from this important program. It gives researchers studying access to post-secondary education a wealth of research data and reports on which to conduct analyses. One of the most important research databases is MESA (Measuring Effectiveness of Student Aid), a longitudinal study of students who received bursaries based on need as assessed by applications to provincial student aid.

The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) generously donated the following surveys to Carleton University to be used for academic teaching and research only.

Check the CMSF Research Publications below for additional information.

CMSF Surveys

Canadian College Student Survey Series, 2001 - 2006 (CCSS)

Ontario College Applicant Survey Series

Ontario University Applicant Survey

Student Financial Survey

CMSF Research Publications

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Research Notes

  • Millennium Research Note # 1
    Is University Education in Canada More Affordable Than in the United States? A Review of the Argument Presented in the Affordability of University Education: A Perspective from Both Sides of the 49th Parallel.
    December 2004
  • Millennium Research Note # 2
    Changing Course: Improving Aboriginal Access to Post-Secondary Education in Canada
    September 2004
  • Millennium Research Note # 3
    Closing the Access Gap: Does Information Matter?
    February 2006


Research Series


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Additional Resources

Title: A million futures : the remarkable legacy of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation
Author: Silver Donald Cameron
Publisher: Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre, 2010.
Location: Data Services, Room 122 MacOdrum Library.


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