This list will show the available years for each survey and the accompanying documentation. To see the data for a survey of interest, click on the <odesi> link. If the survey is not available in <odesi>, contact the Data Centre for the data.
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Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS)

Absence from Work Survey (AWS)
Abstract (txt)

Access to Justice in Ontario, 1985 - 1988 (ICPSR 9729)
Codebook (pdf) | Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

Adult Education and Training Survey (AETS)
Abstract (txt)

Adult Education Survey (AES), 1984

Adult Training Survey (ATS), 1986 

African Coup Events Data, 1986 - 1990 (ICPSR 6869)

Afrobarometers, 1999 onward

American National Election Study (ANES), 1992 onward

AmericasBarometer, 2004 onward

      Annual Alliance Membership Data, 1815 - 1965 (ICPSR 5602)

      Attitudes of Young Canadians, 1988

      Attitudes Towards Foreign Policy in Osaka and Izumo, Japan, 1957 (ICPSR 7071)

      Australian Election Study, 1987 onward



        British Election Study, 1979, 1983

          British Social Attitudes Survey



          Cambridge Study In Delinquent Development [Great Britain], 1961 - 1981 (ICPSR 8488)

          Campaign Expenditures in the United States, 1993 - 1994

            Canada Health Survey (CHS), 1978 - 1979 

            Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF), 2001 onward

            Canada's Alcohol and Other Drugs Survey (CADS), 1994 

            Canadian Addiction Survey (CAS), 2004 

            Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey (CADUMS) 

            Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS)
            Abstract (txt)

            Canadian Election Study, 1993 (Gallup)

              Canadian Fertility Survey (CFS), 1984 

              Canadian Health Measures Survey (CHMS)

              Canadian Health Monitor

              Canadian Internet Use Survey

              *Previous years are available in the Household Internet Use Survey (HIUS)

              Canadian National Election Panel, 1984 - 1988, 1988

                Canadian National Elections and Quebec Referendum Panel Study, 1974, 1979, 1980

                  Canadian National Election Study, 1965 onward

                    Canadian National Referendum Study, 1992

                      Canadian Out-of-Employment Panel Survey (COEP), 1995 

                      Canadian Privacy Survey, 1993

                      Canadian Study of Health and Aging (CSHA), 1991 - 1992

                      Canadian Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (CSGVP) 

                      Canadian Tobacco Use Monitoring Survey (CTUMS)
                      Readme (txt)

                      Capital Punishment in the United States, 1973 - 2000 (ICPSR 3667)

                      CBS News Public Opinion Polls

                        Census of Canada: Agriculture
                        Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

                        Census of Canada: Population
                        Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

                        Central and Eastern Eurobarometers

                          Centre for Research and Information on Canada (CRIC), 2001 onward

                            Charter of Rights Survey, 1987
                            Abstract (ascii)

                            Clients of Street Prostitutes in Portland, Oregon, San Francisco and Santa Clara, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada [United States], 1996 - 1999 (ICPSR 2859)

                            Compensation Sector Survey, 2001 

                            Conflict and Peace Data Bank (COPDAB), 1948 - 1978 (ICPSR 7767)

                            Conflict Management by International Organization, 1945 - 1970 (ICPSR 5303)

                            Correlates of War Project: International and Civil War Data, 1816 - 1992 (ICPSR 9905)
                            Codebook (ascii) | Abstract (txt)



                            Displaced Workers Survey (DWS)

                              Drinking and Driving Survey (DADS)

                                Dutch Parliamentary Election Panel Study, 1989 - 1994



                                  Early Identification of the Chronic Offender [California], 1978 - 1980 (ICPSR 8226)

                                  Employment Insurance Coverage Survey (EICS)

                                  Equality, Security and Community Survey (ESC), 1999


                                      European Communities Studies, 1970 - 1992 (ICPSR 9361)

                                      Evaluation of the Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) Program in the United States, 1995 - 1999 (ICPSR 3337)
                                      Codebook and Questionnaire (pdf) | User Guide (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                      Examination of Crime Guns and Homicide in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [United States], 1987 - 1998 (ICPSR 2895)
                                      Codebook (pdf) | User Guide (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                      Extended National Assessment Survey of Law Enforcement and Anti-Gang Information Resources [United States], 1993 - 1994 (ICPSR 6565)



                                      Family Expenditure Survey (FAMEX)
                                      Readme 1 (txt) | Readme 2 (txt) | FAMEX and SHS (txt) | Outline of Changes (doc)

                                      Family History Survey (FHS), 1984

                                      Food Expenditure Survey (FOODEX)
                                      Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)



                                      Gallup Public Opinion Polls (CIPO) 

                                        Gambling Impact and Behavior Study [United States], 1997 - 1999 (ICPSR 2778)
                                        Abstract (txt)

                                        General Social Survey (GSS), 1985 onward  



                                          Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study [United States]

                                          Health and Activity Limitation Survey (HALS)
                                          Abstract (txt)

                                          Health Promotion Survey (HPS)
                                          Abstract (txt)

                                          Homeowner Repair and Renovation Survey (HRRS)
                                          Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

                                          Homicides in Chicago [United States], 1965 - 1995 (ICPSR 6399)
                                          Overview (txt)

                                          Household Energy Use Survey (HEUS), 1993 

                                          Household Income, Facilities and Equipment Survey (HIFE)
                                          Readme (txt) | Attention (txt)

                                          Household Internet Use Survey (HIUS)
                                          Questionnaire Comparison (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                          *2005 onwards are available in the Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS)

                                          Households and the Environment Survey (HES) 



                                          International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS)
                                          Abstract (txt)

                                          International Conflict Management Dataset, 1945 - 1999

                                          International Social Justice Project, 1991 (ICPSR 6705)

                                          International Social Survey Programme (ISSP)

                                            International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events (ITERATE 2), 1968-1977 (ICPSR 7947)
                                            Abstract (txt)



                                            Job Mobility Survey (JMS), 1973



                                            KIDS Survey (NLSCY)  



                                              Labour Force Survey (LFS), 1976 

                                              Labour Market Activity Survey (LMAS), 1987 

                                              Listening to Canadians (CIO) 



                                                Male-Female Dating Relationships in Canadian Universities and Colleges, 1993
                                                User Guide (pdf) | Report (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                                Maternity Leave Survey (MLS), 1985 

                                                Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth (12th-Grade Survey) [United States], 2000 (ICPSR 3184)
                                                Abstract (txt)

                                                Monterey County [California] Homeless Census and Needs Assessment, 1999 (ICPSR 2875)



                                                National Alcohol and Drug Survey (NADS), 1989 

                                                National Assessment of Gangs in Correctional Facilities [United States], 1992 (ICPSR 6147)

                                                National Assessment Survey of Law Enforcement and Anti-Gang Information Resources [United States], 1990 - 1991 (ICPSR 6237)

                                                National Crime Victimization Survey [United States], 1992 - 2001 (ICPSR 3428)
                                                Codebook (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                                National Crime Victimization Survey: School Crime Supplement [United States], 2001 (ICPSR 3477)

                                                National Electronic Media Use Survey (NEMUS), 1996 

                                                National Graduates Survey (NGS)
                                                Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

                                                National Graduates Survey: Follow-up of Graduates (FOG)
                                                Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

                                                National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA) [United States], 2001 (ICPSR 3580)

                                                National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth (NLSCY, KIDS Survey)
                                                Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

                                                National Material Capabilities Data, 1816 - 1985 (ICPSR 9903)

                                                National Population Health Survey (NPHS)
                                                Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

                                                National Private Vehicle Use Survey (NPVUS)
                                                Abstract (txt)

                                                National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (NSGVP) 

                                                National Survey of Weapon-Related Experiences, Behaviors, and Concerns of High School Youth in the United States, 1996 (ICPSR 2580)

                                                National Youth Gang Intervention and Suppression Survey [United States], 1980 - 1987 (ICPSR 9792)

                                                National Youth Survey [United States]
                                                Abstract (txt)

                                                The New European Union, 1994



                                                OC Transpo Public Transportation Survey

                                                Older Canadians in Florida, 1986

                                                Ontario Adult Literacy Survey (OALS), 1998 

                                                Ontario Election Study, 1968, 1977

                                                  Ontario Health Survey, 1990

                                                  Ontario Student Drug Use Survey, 1999

                                                  Organized Crime Business Activities and Their Implications for Law Enforcement [United States], 1986 - 1987 (ICPSR 9476)



                                                  Polish General Social Survey (PGSS), 1992 - 1994 (ICPSR 3487)

                                                  Political Attitudes in Tokyo, Japan
                                                  Abstract (txt)

                                                  Political Regimes and Regime Transitions in Africa, 1910 - 1994 (ICPSR 6996)

                                                  Political Socialization in Japan, 1968 (ICPSR 7390)

                                                  Political Support in Canada

                                                  Polity II: Political Structures and Regime Change, 1800 - 1986 (ICPSR 9263)

                                                  Polity III: Regime Type and Political Authority, 1800 - 1994 (ICPSR 6695)

                                                  POLLARA Public Opinion Polls

                                                  Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF)

                                                  Prevalence of Five Gang Structures in 201 Cities in the United States, 1992 and 1995 (ICPSR 2792)

                                                  Public Opinion Concerning the Japanese Constitution
                                                  Abstract (txt)

                                                  Public Service Employee Survey (PSES)
                                                  Abstract (txt)



                                                  Quality of Life in Canada, 1981

                                                  Quebec Sovereignty Referendum Study, 1995



                                                    Residential Telephone Service Survey (RTSS)
                                                    Abstract (txt)

                                                    Retirement and Pre-Retirement Survey (RS), 1975
                                                    Questionnaire (pdf) | Interviewer's Manual (pdf) | Overview (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                                    Russian Enterprise Survey, 1993

                                                    Russian Post-Election Survey, 1995



                                                      School Leavers Survey (SLS)
                                                      Abstract (txt)

                                                      Social Capital Community Benchmark Survey [United States], 2000

                                                      Sun Exposure Survey (SES), 1996 

                                                      Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF)
                                                      Abstract (txt) | Attention (txt) | SCF vs SLID (pdf)

                                                      Survey of Displaced Workers (DWS), 1986 

                                                      Survey of Facilities of Runaway and Homeless Youth [United States], 1983 - 1988 (ICPSR 9129)
                                                      Codebook (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                                      Survey of Household Spending (SHS)
                                                      Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt) | Changes (doc)

                                                      Survey of Labour and Income Dynamics (SLID)
                                                      Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt) | Note (txt) | SCF vs SLID (pdf)

                                                      Survey of Self-Employment (SSE), 2000

                                                      Survey of Smoking Habits (SSH)
                                                      Abstract (txt)

                                                      Survey of Union Membership (SUM), 1984 

                                                      Survey of Volunteer Activity (VAS), 1987
                                                      Abstract (txt) | Readme (txt)

                                                      Survey of Voters and Non-Voters, 2002

                                                        Survey of Work Arrangements (WAS)
                                                        Abstract (txt)

                                                        Survey of 1981 Work History (WHS), conducted in 1982
                                                        User Guide (pdf) | Questionnaire (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                                        Survey of Youths in Custody [United States], 1987 (ICPSR 8992)

                                                        Survey on Ageing and Independence (SAI), 1991

                                                        Survey on Drinking and Driving (DADS), 1988 

                                                        Survey on Smoking in Canada (SOSIC), 1994 - 1995

                                                        Survey on the Importance of Nature to Canadians (SINC), 1996 

                                                        Survey on the Importance of Wildlife to Canadians (SIWC), 1992 

                                                        Survey on Work Reduction (WRS), 1985 



                                                        Teenage Attitudes and Behavior Concerning Tobacco [United States], 1992 (ICPSR 6252)

                                                        Transatlantic Trends Survey, 2003 (ICPSR 3972)



                                                        Ukrainian National Attitudes and Election Survey, 1994

                                                          Uniform Crime Reporting Program Data [United States]: Hate Crime Data, 2000 (ICPSR 3444)



                                                          Victims of Crimes Survey Edmonton, 1985 

                                                          Violence Against Women Survey (VAW), 1993 

                                                          Violence and Threats of Violence Against Women and Men in the United States, 1994 - 1996 (ICPSR 2566)
                                                          Codebook (pdf) | User Guide (pdf) | Questionnaire (pdf) | Abstract (txt)

                                                          Voice of the People (VOP), 2002 onwards

                                                          Volunteer Activity Survey (VAS)



                                                            Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Drug Study (DC*MADS): Homeless and Transient Populations, 1991 (ICPSR 2346)

                                                            Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area Drug Study (DC*MADS): Household and Non-household Populations, 1991 (ICPSR 2155)

                                                            Work Arrangements Survey (WAS)

                                                            Work History Survey (WHS)

                                                              Work Reduction Survey (WRS)

                                                                World Tables of Economic and Social Indicators, 1950 - 1992 (ICPSR 6159)

                                                                World Values Surveys and European Values Surveys




                                                                Youth Smoking Survey (YSS), 1994
                                                                User Guide (pdf) | Variance Tables (pdf) | Abstract (txt)