The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) was created by an act of Parliament in 1998 to provide awards to students for post-secondary education annually for ten years. When its mandate was completed in January 2010, the Foundation had distributed $325 million in the form of bursaries and scholarships each year throughout Canada in support of post-secondary education.

In addition, the Foundation conducted research into post-secondary access, via the Millennium Research Program. Carleton has been fortunate to be able to harvest the research data and publications from this important program. It gives researchers studying access to post-secondary education a wealth of research data and reports on which to conduct analyses.

Check the CMSF Research Publications below for additional information.

The Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF) generously donated the following surveys to Carleton University to be used for academic teaching and research only. They are available in the MacOdrum Library Dataverse Collection and in the ODESI repository:

Canadian Career College Students Survey, 2008 (CCCSS)

The Survey of Canadian Career College Students was conducted to further understand student participation in the private post-secondary educational system. Students from 384 private career colleges participated in an in-school survey to ascertain socio economic background, factors influencing selection of the private college system, debt levels, student satisfaction, work and education transition plans.

Canadian College Student Survey Series, 2001 - 2006 (CCSS)

The Canadian College Student Survey Consortium (the Consortium, CCSSC) includes the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC), individual participating colleges and the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (CMSF).

Measuring Effectiveness of Student Aid (MESA)

A longitudinal study (2005-2008) of students who received bursaries based on need as assessed by applications to provincial student aid.

Ontario College Applicant Survey Series

The Ontario College Applicant Survey was conducted by the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation to provide data on the decision-making process of applicants in regards to choosing a college and area of study. Colleges wanted further insight into their applicant pool to optimize the use of scarce resources, time, and money. In addition, it provided information for marketing, recruitment, and enrolment management strategies. It also covered applicants' financial preparedness for college.

Ontario University Applicant Survey, 2005

The 2005 University Applicant Survey report looks at two main chapters; applicant profile, and university funding. In particular, the report directly addresses the information needs of university marketing, recruitment, and public affairs departments.

Pan Canadian High School Follow-Up Survey (Class of 2003), 2005

The Pan-Canadian High School Follow-Up Survey (Class of 2003) presents the latest evidence concerning motivational/ informational, financial and academic barriers to PSE. Also, because individuals tend to be affected by more than one factor limiting access, the report explores how specific groups of youth are differently impacted by multiple barriers to PSE. In particular, the research presents data on the effects of these barriers on first-generation students (i.e., the first generation of students in a family to pursue PSE) and Aboriginal students. The Pan-Canadian High School Follow-Up Survey (Class of 2003) was conducted by the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation in collaboration with R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. and the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick.

Post-Secondary Education Drivers

The Post-Secondary Education: Cultural, Scholastic and Economic Drivers project was a parental survey conducted by COMPAS Research Inc. for the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation. The purpose of the project was to provide the Foundation with a better understanding of how families perceive and prepare for the postsecondary education options of their children.

Student Financial Survey, 2001-2002

EKOS Research Associates and the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation conducted a monthly national study of the finances of post-secondary students from September 2001 until May 2002. The study was designed to capture the expenses and income of students on a monthly basis, in order to profile the financial circumstances of Canadian post-secondary students and the adequacy of available funding.

Survey of Secondary Students, 2004

This study was conducted by two independent research companies under contract to the Foundation: Prairie Research Associates (PRA) Inc. and R.A. Malatest & Associates Ltd. The in-class survey instrument was designed to collect information about how secondary school students view education, what they know about the various forms of funding available for post-secondary education and how students envision paying for their future education.

CMSF Research Publications

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Research Notes

  • Millennium Research Note # 1
    Is University Education in Canada More Affordable Than in the United States? A Review of the Argument Presented in the Affordability of University Education: A Perspective from Both Sides of the 49th Parallel.
    December 2004
  • Millennium Research Note # 2
    Changing Course: Improving Aboriginal Access to Post-Secondary Education in Canada
    September 2004
  • Millennium Research Note # 3
    Closing the Access Gap: Does Information Matter?
    February 2006


Research Series

  • Research Series # 1
    Meta-Analysis of Institutional Graduate Surveys
    October 2002
  • Research Series # 2
    Investing Early Intervention Programs in Selected U.S. States
    February 2003
  • Research Series # 3
    The Role of Guidance in Post-Secondary Planning
    March 2003
  • Research Series # 4
    Assessing Canada's Student Aid Need Assessment Policies
    Press Release
    March 2003
  • Research Series # 5B
    Ready or Not? Literacy Skills and Post-Secondary Education
    September 2003
  • Research Series # 6B
    Research on Retention and Attrition
    December 2003
  • Research Series # 7
    Canadian College Student Finances
    Press Release
    December 2003
  • Research Series # 8
    Aboriginal Peoples and Post-Secondary Education: What Educators Have Learned
    January 2004
  • Research Series # 9
    Recognizing Excellence? Canada’s Merit Scholarships
    Press Release
    March 2004
  • Research Series # 10
    Pressure Points in Student Financial Assistance: Exploring the “Making Ends Meet” Database
    March 2004
  • Research Series # 11
    Does Money Matter?
  • Research Series # 11B
    Does Money Matter? II
  • Research Series # 12
    The Millennium Bursary in British Columbia - Exploring its Impact: Summary Report
    Press Release | Technical Report
    May 2004
  • Research Series # 13
    A Family Affair: The Impact of Paying for College or University
    June 2004
  • Research Series # 14
    Changes in Tuition Policy: Natural Policy Experiments in Five Countries
    Press Release
    August 2004
  • Research Series # 15
    The 2003 Ontario College Applicant Survey
    October 2004
  • Research Series # 17
    Applicant Data in Canada: Another Perspective on Access
    Press Release
    December 2004
  • Research Series # 18
    Embracing Differences: Post-Secondary Education Among Aboriginal Students, Students with Children and Students with Disabilities
    February 2005
  • Research Series # 20
    Students With Dependants: Common Practices in Post-Secondary Education Institutions in Canada and the United States
    April 2005
  • Research Series # 22
    The Millennium Foundation Bursary in Manitoba: Exploring Its Impact
    December 2005
  • Research Series # 23
    Student Aid and University Persistence: Does Debt Matter?
    December 2005
  • Research Series # 26
    Funding University Education in Ontario: Ontario University Applicant Survey Report
    February 2006
  • Research Series # 27
    Applying the Construct of Resilience to Career Development: Lessons in Curriculum Development
    March 2007
  • Research Series # 29
    Report on Student Debt: Canadian College Student Survey and Canadian Undergraduate Survey Consortium
    May 2007
  • Research Series # 30
    Canada’s Tuition and Education Tax Credits
    May 2007
  • Research Series # 32A
    Lowering Student Debt: Explaining the Decline in the Debt of University Students in Manitoba
    June 2007
  • Research Series # 32B
    Easing the Middle-Class Burden: An Examination of the Implications of Reducing Parental Contributions to Post-Secondary Study
    February 2008
  • Research Series # 33
    Do Perceptions Matter Regarding the Costs and Benefits of a Post-Secondary Education? A Summary Report of the Research Program Development of Measures of Perceived Returns on Investment from Post-Secondary Education
    May 2008
  • Research Series # 34
    Displacement in Federal Transfer Payments: Exploring Concept and Practice with Special Reference to the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation
    February 2008
  • Research Series # 35
    Access to Medical Education in Canada: Do Differing Tuition Regimes Affect Access and Career Choice?
    May 2008
  • Research Series # 36
    The Millennium Bursary in New Brunswick: Impact on Debt and Persistence
    June 2008
  • Research Series # 37
    Factors Affecting the Use of Student Financial Assistance by First Nations Youth
    Literature Review
    June 2008
  • Research Series # 38
    Immigrant Parents’ Investments in Their Children’s Post-Secondary Education
    November 2008
  • Research Series # 39
    In Pursuit of Post-Secondary Education: Summary Report
    November 2008
  • Research Series # 40
  • In Pursuit of Post-Secondary Education: Summary Report
    November 2008

  • Research Series # 41
    In Pursuit of Post-Secondary Education: Whether and When to Go On
    November 2008
  • Research Series # 43
    And After High School? A Pan-Canadian Study of Grade 12 Students in French-Language Schools in Minority Settings: Educational Aspirations and Plans to Pursue a Career in Their Home Region: Research Report
    Executive Summary
    April 2009
  • Research Series # 44
    Educational Pathways: Some Key Concepts
    June 2009
  • Research Series # 45
    Educational Pathways and Transition Modes in Canadian Post-Secondary Education - Note 4 : Project Transitions
    December 2009
  • Research Series # 46
    Report on the Data-Readiness of Post-Secondary Access and Retention Programs for Under-Represented Groups
    Executive Summary
    November 2009
  • Research Series # 46
    What Do We Know About the Pathways and Transitions of Canadian Students in Post-Secondary Education? Note 1: Transitions Project
    December 2009
  • Research Series # 47
    The Influence of Social and Cultural Determinants on Post-Secondary Pathways and Transitions - Note 6: Transitions Project
    December 2009


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Title: A million futures : the remarkable legacy of the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation
Author: Silver Donald Cameron
Publisher: Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre, 2010.
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