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The Canadian Institute of Public Opinion (CIPO) has been conducting public opinion surveys for Gallup Canada, Inc. since the early 1940s. Carleton University Data Services has been collecting these polls since May 1945 and has most of these Canadian Gallup polls up to, and including, 2000. They were conducted periodically (usually once per month) through telephone interviews (originally through face-to-face interviews) of a modified probability sample of adult Canadians.

The Canadian Gallup Polls are omnibus polls, containing questions of a political, social and economic nature, with the occasional question(s) on subjects of current interest. Each poll contains various questions on such topics, as well as questions on political affiliation and demographics which are standard from poll to poll.

Although Gallup Canada, Inc. has been conducting surveys from the early 1940s to present, users should note that polls from earlier years do not contain as many questions or as much demographic data as do more recent polls. As well, the collection dating from 1945 is incomplete, especially in the earlier years. Even though Gallup Canada, Inc. still conducts these surveys, our collection unfortunately ends in 2000. Want to know more about Gallup Polls? Find out more information about the Gallup Organization.

The polls listed below are searchable and downloadable via the MacOdrum Library Dataverse Collection. Note that the only restriction for use of the Gallups is that they be used for academic or research purposes only.


Users of these data must provide the following acknowledgement and disclaimer, or some variant:

The data were collected by Gallup Canada, Inc. Dictionary and preparation and data cleaning were done by Carleton University Library Data Services, under the auspices of the National Archives of Canada. These organizations provided the data but cannot be held responsible for the analyses or interpretations presented, nor for any problems with the data.

For further information about the manner in which these polls have been processed, please contact the Data Services.


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