Gender & Work Database


This database contains resources on feminist poltical economy.

The GWD is informed by a feminist political economy approach, which conceives of gender as a set of social relations rather than an attribute of individuals.

The database is composed of thematic modules, a library, which is a searchable bibliography, a thesaurus and statistical tables. There are currently six integrated and interactive modules - healthcare, migration, precarious employment, technology, unions and unpaid work - which represent different entry points into the study of gender and work.

The GWD is an initiative from the School of Social Sciences, Atkinson Faculty, York University.


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The data products (i.e. the tables) on the GWD are not available for full public use. Researchers wishing to use the data must be granted access with a username and password. If you are eligible, then complete and sign the application form

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Content last reviewed: August 6, 2020