HathiTrust Digital Library


HathiTrust is a large-scale collaborative repository of digital content from major worldwide research institutions and libraries.

HathiTrust offers libraries a means to archive and provide access to their digital content and offers expanded opportunities for innovative use in research, teaching and learning. Covers most subject areas and is constantly adding new material.

Only some books in HathiTrust are available for full public download (for further details see access notes below).


Access Notes

Important Details: 

Public domain works deposited in HathiTrust without restrictions and works made available by rights holders under Creative Commons licenses are available for full public download; however, much of the material which is freely viewable through HathiTrust cannot be downloaded in full by non-partner institutions due to third-party restrictions.  Carleton is NOT a partner institution.

Authorized Users: 

Content last reviewed: August 27, 2019