Advisory: You do not need to create an account to view Kanopy films. When off campus, access Kanopy films by clicking LOG IN TO CARLETONCA, and then clicking SKIP on the “Create your account” page. If you choose to create a personal account, do not use your MC1.

Kanopy is a streaming service that provides a platform for educational video products covering a wide range of subjects, from arts, humanities, health, business, education, and more.

Videos can be accessed from off campus. The majority of videos are closed captioned and clip-making is allowed.

Fulltext: Yes
Access Notes
Important Details:

Carleton has a select number of videos available for unlimited user access. Carleton's license also includes classroom use.

Kanopy streaming video can be accessed from any device, including ROKU, iOS and Android. For individual apps, please check your devices's App Store.

Most videos are closed-captioned.

Transcripts are also available by clicking on "Enable Transcripts" icon on bottom right of video player. Further information on these features is available here

Full screen mode and playback speeds can be adjusted upon clicking the "Play" button of the video.

To access additional features such as creating a Clip/Playlist, adding comments or sharing via social media, creating a personal login (eg. Google) is recommended. We do NOT recommend using your MyCarletonOne login credentials when creating an account.

Further information is available at the Kanopy Help page

Authorized Users:
Carleton students, faculty and staff
Carleton alumni
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