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Access Notes
Important Details:

When you access O’Reilly via the link above or from an Omni search, you will need to do the following:

  • Select: “Not listed? Click here” in the list of institutions
  • Enter your Carleton email address
  • You will be taken to Carleton’s Single Sign On portal. Enter Carleton credentials.
  • You are logged in to O'Reilly

Once you have logged in, you won’t have to do it again while you navigate throughout Omni or O'Reilly platform.

A profile associated with your Carleton email will be created after authentication. Your account will allow you to save results, see your history, etc. For more information about privacy, please consult O'Reilly's Privacy Policy.

If you have already logged onto Carleton's single sign on portal in your internet browser prior to going to O'Reilly you will not be prompted to sign in again. You can verify that you are logged in by checking that your Carleton email address is listed under their profile option (click on menu icon, go to Your O'Reilly and select Profile).

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Carleton students, faculty and staff
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