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"Safari Books Online is the electronic reference library that delivers expert content from the world's most trusted leaders in technology publishing to professionals worldwide. Safari offers the combined collections from O'Reilly Media, John Wiley & Sons, Addison-Wesley, Peachpit Press, Adobe Press, and many more top publishers in one fully searchable database. IT, software developers, web designers, system administrators and creative pros use Safari as their primary resource for research, problem solving, learning and certification training."


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This entire database is limited to 5 simultaneous users. Please sign out & clear session (upper right corner under "Carleton University") when you are finished to free up a seat for another user.

Many books are published with a CD/DVD-ROM included. Safari Books Online refers to that content as “Extras.” If the publisher has provided us with the additional content for a book or video, you can find it under the "Extras" tab or in the table of contents on the web page for the title. Sometimes publishers opt to host the additional material on their own site, or not to provide it at all.



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Carleton students, faculty and staff
Content last reviewed: January 9, 2019