Chemical Abstract Service's tool to locate journal and patent literature, substance and property data, chemical reactions, chemical regulatory data, and chemical suppliers.

Carleton University will have concurrent access to the previous interface, SciFinder, and SciFinder-n for 2021.

Requires account set-up and password, please see important details section below.

The following databases are available through SciFinder-n:

  • CA Plus - an enhanced version of Chemical Abstracts, 1907 to present,
  • CAS Registry - a database of chemical structures and names indexed by CAS from 1957 to present
  • CASREACT - includes records of single and multistep chemical reactions from the Organic and Organometallic sections of Chemical Abstracts from journals (1985 to present) and patents (1991 to present)
  • CHEMCATS - database of commercial suppliers for chemical compounds, 1996-2001 catalogs and chemical libraries
  • CHEMLIST - regulatory information records from 1979 to present
  • MEDLINE - medical database with coverage from 1958 to present
Date Coverage: 1907-
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Access Notes
Important Details:

To access the web version you must first register for an individual account using your Carleton University email address.

For assistance using the database, consult the online SciFinder-n training resources.

Carleton faculty, students and staff are allowed unlimited use of SciFinder for research and teaching. Alumni and commercial use is prohibited.

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Carleton students, faculty and staff
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sci finder
Chemical Abstracts Service source index online
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