3D Buildings from world cities that were received as LOD 2 (Level of Detail 2 / individual roof forms), untextured and single buildings with detailed roof shapes. The following cities are available:

  • Florence, Italy (2007)
  • London, England (2008)
  • Lyon, France (2007)
  • New York, USA (2006)
  • Paris, France (2008)
  • Pompeii, Italy (2007)
  • Rome, Italy (2007)
  • Toronto, Canada (2011)
  • Vatican City, Vatican (2007)
Data Producer:

GTA GeoInformatik


WGS 84, UTM*

*Each city is in their respective UTM zones.

Authorized Users:
Carleton University students, faculty and staff

Users are required to sign a Data Use Agreement before files may be acquired. All use of the data shall acknowledge GTA GeoInformatik as the owner of copyright. Data is provided 'as is' and GTA GeoInformatik makes no warranties as to the condition, quality, completeness or freedom from error of any dataset, or its fitness for a particular use.

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