DMTI CanMap Suite data "has exceptional mapping content to further enrich your use of Location Intelligence."

Available Themes:

CanMap Content Suite

CanMap Content Suite contains over 100 unique and rich content layers. Each layer has a unique file and layer name with associated definitions, descriptions, attribution and metadata. All layers, with a few exceptions, are vector data consisting of polygon, polyline, or point geometry representation. Features include: Aboriginal Boundaries, Accommodations, Address, Administrative Area, Administrative Boundaries, Aerial Cableway, AirTransport, Antennas and Frequencies, Arenas, Blocked Passage Barrier, Border Crossings and Offices, Bridges, Building Footprints, Building, Built Up Areas, Cemeteries, Census Division 2011-2016, Census Metropolitan Area 2011-2016, Census Subdivision 1996-2016, Census Tract 2006-2016, Chimney, Cinemas, Community Boundaries, Community Centres, Contours, Conveyor, Cuts, Dams, DEM, Designated Place 2006-2016, Disappearing Stream, Dissemination Area 2006-2016, Dissemination Block 2006-2016, Dump, Education, Elevation, Embankment, Enhanced Points Of Interest, Enhanced Postal, Federal Electoral District 2006-2016, Ferry Connections, Financial Institution, Fire Stations, Fish Pounds, Food Distribution, Forts, Forward Sortation Areas, Gas and Oil Facilities, Gas and Oil Field, Gas Stations, General Water, Golf Courses, Government Buildings, Ground Satellite, Health and Emergency Services, Health Care, Highway Exits, Highways, Hydro Junctions, International Road Linkages, Land Cover, Liquid Depot Dump, Littoral, Local Delivery Units, Lookouts, Lumberyards, Major Roads, Marina Yacht Club, Mining Area, Movable Cranes, Municipalities, Named Water Features, Navigation Hazards, Neighbourhoods, Parks Sports Field, Pipes, Police Services, Populated Place Name, Population Centre 2011-2016, Ports, Postal Delivery Modes, Postal Outlets, Power Plants, Radio Stations, Rail and Transit, Rail Turntable, Relative Elevation Nodes, Religious Buildings, Retail, Retired Enhanced of Interest, Retired Enhanced Postal, Road Junction, Roads, Ruins, Runway, Sand, Seaplane Base, Securities and Investments, Silo, Ski Centre, Snowshed, Solid Depot Dumps, Stadium, Stationary Cranes, Stockyard, Tank, Television Stations, Toll Booth, Tourist Attractions, Tower, Tracks, Trails, Transformer Station, Transformer Station, Transmissions, Transportation Stops, Urban Area 2006, US States, Valves, Vegetation, Veterinarians, Water Bodies, Water, Water Names, Watersheds, Water Structure, Water Transport, Weigh Stations, Well, Wetlands, WiFi Hotspots, Wind Operated Structures.

Featured Layers:

  • Vegetation Regions of Canada: Information on region areas of Canada covered by trees or shrubs having a minimum height of 2 meters. Survey areas include: Orchards, Wooded Areas, Tree Nurseries, Vineyards and Hopfields
  • Roads: The Roads file is the core street routing layer from DMTI. It includes associated street names and address ranges. Supplementary tables are also available.
  • Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI): The Enhanced Points of Interest (EPOI) file is a national database of over 1 million Canadian business and recreational points of interest.Each EPOI has been accurately geocoded and precisely placed. This location enriched point of interest database allows users to see and analyze selected point of interest data in a given geographic area, enabling applications such as retail site analysis, competitive and market research, business and tourism analysis. Features Include: Coordinate location (X, Y), Standard industry classification code (SIC), Business or recreational names with address information, and Common Address Flags (CAF) allowing users to identify records with identical addresses.
  • Address Points: CanMap Address Points are unique and discrete representations of civic address assignments across Canada.
  • Postal Code: CanMap Postal Code is the most complete and up-to-date Canadian postal code database. This includes point and polygon six digit postal code files for visualization purposes.
Data Producer:

DMTI Spatial Inc.

Publication Date:
2001 (not all datasets) - 2019
Data Format:

Horizontal Geodetic Datum: NAD83
Projection: Geographic Coordinates (Latitude and Longitudes)

Authorized Users:
Carleton University students, faculty and staff

Users are required to sign a Data Use Agreement before files may be acquired. All use of the data shall acknowledge DMTI Spatial Inc as the owner of copyright.

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