Forest Resource Inventory

Available online: 

Freely downloadable via Ontario GeoHub (search for 'forest resource inventory')





The Forest Resource Inventory (FRI) is a product that provides description of all areas within a forest management unit and provides a snapshot in time of the characteristics of water and land base geography. There are 2 products available:

Available Themes: 

1) Forest Resource Inventory - Digital Aerial Imagery (available in multiple blocks)

The Forest Resource Inventory (FRI) Project imagery acquired imagery for over 500,000 square kilometres of Crown land and forest management areas in Ontario. The imagery products include 20 cm panchromatic and 40 cm multi-spectral digital orthophotography.
The FRI Project imagery was taken in the summer months with trees in full leaf as opposed to previous projects which traditionally captured imagery in southern Ontario when trees were without foliage.

2) Forest Resource Inventory - Planning Composite Inventory

This data layer is symbolized to represent the Provincial Forest Type (8 types): Red and White Pine, Jack Pine, Upland Conifers, Lowland Conifers, Mixedwoods, Poplar, White Birch, and Tolerant Hardwoods, within each Forest Management Unit. The eight provincial forest types listed represent a mix of forest cover required for silviculture, wildlife habitat and sustainability assessment requirements at broad regional and provincial planning and reporting levels.

Data Producer: 

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Authorized Users: 

Carleton University students, faculty and staff


The digital data are a proprietary product of the Ontario Crown and are protected by Canadian Copyright laws and International Treaty. The data are licensed for your sole use and are NOT to be redistributed, sub-licensed, rented or leased, in original form to third parties.

Content last reviewed: February 16, 2021