Ikonos satellite images of the centre and south sections of Gatineau Park that were taken in the summer of 2005. Ikonos produced 1-meter black-and-white (panchromatic) and 4-meter multispectral (red, blue, green, near infrared) imagery that can be combined in a variety of ways to accommodate a wide range of high-resolution imagery applications. For both sections of Gatineau Park, the images are available as 5 individual bands and/or as natural colour images (combination of bands red, green & blue).

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Space Imaging LCC

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Grid Coordinate System: Universal Transverse Mercator
Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator Zone 18N
Horizontal Geodetic Datum: NAD83
Units: Metres and Square Metres
Spheroid: GRS80 6378137.0 m 6356752.314 m
Central Meridian: -75
Easting/Northing Unit: Metres
False Easting: 500000.0
False Northing: 0
Latitude of Origin: 0
Scale Factor: 0.99960

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Carleton University students, faculty and staff

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