Geospatial Data - Canada

Author Date
Canada - United States Boundary International Boundary Commission
Canada Land Inventory Natural Resources Canada 1999
Canadian Hydrographic Service bathymetric data Canadian Hydrographic Service - Quebec Region
Canadian National Fire Database Canadian Forest Service, National Resources Canada 2016
Census Geography Files Statistics Canada
Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) Commission for Environmental Cooperation
DMTI National CanMap Suite DMTI Spatial Inc. 2001 (not all datasets) - 2019
Elections Canada Data Elections Canada
Environment Canada Climate Data Environment Canada
Environment Canada Pollution Data and Reports Environment Canada 2014
GeoGratis Natural Resources Canada
Geological Map of Canada Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) 1996
Geological Map of the Arctic Geological Survey of Canada 2011
Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Framework data Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Framework
National Road Network (NRN) 2.0 Natural Resources Canada 2016-2018 (most recent version of provincial road networks provided)
Natural Resources Canada Topographic Maps - Canvec Natural Resources Canada
Open Data Repositories - Canada
Open Database of Buildings Statistics Canada 2018
Quebec 1:20,000 Scale Topographic Maps Ministère des ressources naturelles et de la faune du Québec 1980-2001
Shapefiles of Canada, the United States, and the world Statistics Canada, United States Census Bureau
Soil Landscapes of Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada March 2011
Surficial Materials of Canada Natural Resources Canada 1995
Yukon Geospatial Data Government of Yukon