National Capital Commission Thematic Data

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The National Capital Commission (NCC) has provided a number of thematic geospatial datasets to the University in support of academic research and teaching. Themes available include activities, assets, biophysical, boundaries, mapping and planning.

The Forest Canopy Cover: "The NCC, City of Ottawa and Ville de Gatineau have jointly released the very first region-wide mapping analysis of the tree canopy in collaboration with the University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Laboratory" in September 2019. More details. View the dataset.

Available Themes: 



GP_Belvederes Gatineau Park scenic viewpoints
GP_Canoe_Camping Gatineau Park Canoe & Camping Sites
Picnic_Areas_2011 Gatineau Park Picnic Areas
Recreational_Paths_and_Trails_2011 Recreational Paths & Trails for the National Capital Area


Filename Description
Boardwalks National Capital Commission Boardwalks
Bridges National Capital Region Bridges
Dams Gatineau Park Artificial Dams
Walls National Capital Commission Walls


Filename Description
Bedrock Bedrock name
Deer_Concentration_Areas Deer concentration
Eco_Forest Types of forests
Environmental Aspects  
Extraction_Points Sand and gravel pits, quarries
GP_Beaver_Inventory Gatineau Park beaver count
GP_Deposits_Minforest91 Gatineau Park
GP_emv_faune Gatineau Park Animal wildlife
GP_emv_flore Gatineau Park vegetation wildlife
GP_Forest_Cover_Minforest91 Gatineau Park forest cover
GP_Slopes Gatineau Park slopes
Mines_Abandonées Gatineau Park abandoned mines
Municipal_Drains Municipal drain names
Ottawa_Vegetation_Inventory Ottawa vegetation inventory
Ravages Gatineau Park devastations
Soils Ottawa soil information
Spruce_Bud_Worm Gatineau Park spruce bud worm defoliation
Tile_Drained_Fields Greenbelt drained fields
Tile_Field_Outlets Greenbelt field outlets
Urban_Development Urban development in Ottawa
Urban_Forests Urban forest in Ottawa
Watersheds Watershed information in Ottawa


Filename Description
Cities_1995 Cities Boundaries - 1995
Cities_2000 Cities Boundaries - 2000
Cities_2001 Cities Boundaries - 2001
Federal_Electoral Federal Electoral Boundaries for the National Capital Region
Federal_Enumeration_Areas Federal Enumeration Areas for the National Capital Region
Federal_Ownership_Points Federally owned sites for the National Capital Region
Federal_Ownership_polys Federally owned areas for the National Capital Region
Gatineau_Park_Game_1973 Gatineau Park 1973 Game Boundary
Gatineau_Park_New_1997 Gatineau Park 1997 Boundary
Gatineau_Park_OIC_1960 Gatineau Park 1960 Boundary
Greenbelt_OIC_1961 Greenbelt 1961 Boundary
Municipal_Electoral Municipal Electoral District for the National Capital Region
Municipal_Parks Municipal Parks for the National Capital Region
National_Capital_Region National Capital Region Boundary
Provincial_Electoral Provincial Electoral Boundary for the National Capital Region
Regions Municipalities in the National Capital Region


Filename Description
Roads DMTI CanMap Geocoded streetfile
Gat5000_scan 1:5,000 scanned topographic map of Gatineau Park


Filename Description
Core_Area_Sector_Boundary_2000 Urban Boundary of the
National Capital Region – 2000
Core_Area_Sector_Boundary_2003 Urban Boundary of the
National Capital Region – 2003
Gatineau_Park_Sectors Gatineau Park Sectors
GP_Planning_Zones Gatineau Park Planning Zones
Greenbelt_Border Greenbelt Boundary
Greenbelt_Land_Designations Greenbelt Land Designation
Greenbelt_Planning_Area Greenbelt Planning Area
Greenbelt_Sectors Greenbelt Sectors
Planned_Greenbelt_Pathway_Master_Copy Greenbelt Planned Pathways

Urban Growth

Filename Description
UrbanGrowth_AllYears Urban growth in National Capital Area, 1812-2012 (14 snapshots)


Data Producer: 

National Capital Commission (NCC)

Authorized Users: 

Carleton University students, faculty and staff


Users are required to sign a Data Use Agreement before files may be acquired. All use of the data shall acknowledge the National Capital Commission as the owner of copyright. Data is provided 'as is' and the National Capital Commission makes no warranties as to the condition, quality, completeness or freedom from error of any dataset, or its fitness for a particular use.

Content last reviewed: March 26, 2020