From Natural Resources Canada: The NRN product is distributed in the form of thirteen provincial or territorial datasets and consists of two linear entities (Road Segment and Ferry Connection Segment) and three punctual entities (Junction, Blocked Passage, Toll Point) with which is associated a series of descriptive attributes such as, among others: First House Number, Last House Number, Street Name Body, Place Name, Functional Road Class, Pavement Status, Number Of Lanes, Structure Type, Route Number, Route Name, Exit Number, and Speed Limit. The development of the NRN was realized by means of individual meetings and national workshops with interested data providers from the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments. In 2005, the NRN edition 2.0 was alternately adopted by members from the Inter-Agency Committee on Geomatics (IACG) and the Canadian Council on Geomatics (CCOG). The NRN content largely conforms to the ISO 14825 from ISO/TC 204.

Data Producer:

Natural Resources Canada

Publication Date:
2016-2018 (most recent version of provincial road networks provided)

Grid Coordinate System: Latitude and Longitude
Horizontal Geodetic Datum: NAD83

Other Metadata:

Metadata and documentation for each province and territory's portion of the NRN is found through the GeoGratis link for each file.

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