Ontario Integrated Hydrology (OIH) Data

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There are 9 geodatabase data packages available for Ontario. Each package is comprised of the following key datasets:

  • stream network (Enhanced Watercourse)
  • hydrology-enforced DEM (Enforced DEM)
  • flow direction grid (Enhanced Flow Direction)
  • raster representation of the stream network (Stream Grid)
  • water bodies on the stream network (Integrated Waterbodies)

For the first time, OIH data is complete for the entire province making it possible to create a watershed for any location in Ontario including areas flowing in from neighbouring provinces and Minnesota with the following exceptions:

  • points on the International Border that drain to Lake Superior (south of Pigeon River),
  • points on the International Border that drain the Great Lakes Connecting Channels and St. Lawrence River stateside,
  • points along the Ottawa River that drain from Quebec.

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Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

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Content last reviewed: January 21, 2020